Long Term Disability Lawyers

Long Term Disability Lawyer Ontario

Long-term disability insurance can be a lifeline for those dealing with the financial burdens of a serious health condition or injury. Long-term disability insurance helps you maintain your standard of living while you concentrate on getting better when you become ill or injured and are unable to work. A long-term disability claim denial or unfair termination can compound the stress of an already difficult situation by leaving the claimant without a reliable source of income.

Helping injured people is the sole focus of our long term disability lawyers Ontario. We’ve assisted many clients in long-term disability disputes with their insurers, and we’ve also helped others seek compensation for life-altering injuries. We know how to effectively challenge insurance companies’ decisions to wrongfully deny or prematurely terminate valid disability claims because of our extensive familiarity with Alberta’s insurance industry. Whether a client wants to appeal the insurer’s decision or sue their insurer for wrongful termination/denial, we help them collect the evidence they’ll need to have the best chance of winning.

What can be done if your disability benefits have been denied?

Our firm is dedicated to taking insurance companies to court on behalf of those who need a) a declaration from the Court that they are disabled under the terms of their policies or b) payment of back benefits. If the court rules in favour of the claimant and orders the insurer to pay disability benefits again, the claimant will be entitled to arrears from the date the insurer stopped paying benefits until the date of trial. In addition, the insurer must resume making payments as of the trial’s start date.

As an alternative, we will try to negotiate a pre-trial settlement with the insurance company in which the claimant receives a lump sum payment, or “cashes out,” the policy. The main benefit of taking money out is the sense of finality it brings. Insurance companies will no longer have you regularly communicate with them, submit to medical examinations, or take any other action on their behalf. Our primary objective is to reach a settlement with the insurer as soon as possible after filing a lawsuit, and we plan to do so by attending a mediation or settlement meeting as soon as possible after that.